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If we don't give more than `construction and completion' to this project we've missed an opportunity to do something about this human relations bit and it could do a lot for the future problems that we face." The NAL official policy states; "In any conflict between technical expediency and human rights we shall stand firmly on the side of human rights.

This stand is taken because of, rather than in spite of, a dedication to science. - The 22 young men from the Chicago metropolitan area taking part in a new training program for the National Accelerator Laboratory recently were visited by representatives of NAL and DUSAF. Marofske, NAL personnel manager, and Malcolm Lee, of DUSAF, visited the site of the group's training at the AEC's Y-12 plant operated by the Nuclear Division, Union Carbide Corporation in this atomic energy research and development center.

With a background of twenty years in agricultural sales, a competitor in the judging of livestock and meat, winner of many blue ribbons at State and County Fairs all over the country for prize hereford, angus and shorthorn cattle, including several Grand Champions, Bob brings a true conservationist attitude to his position.

Site Plans The existing fences around the individual former farms oh the NAL site will be removed.

We continue to request and encourage them to bid competitively on NAL contracts.They need a chance to grow with dignity, develop their talents and become important people not only in their own eyes but in the eyes of others in the worlds of business, science and industry."You just have to `say it like it is.' While we are building an atomic accelerator we have a chance to think of more than just that.He has managed to take over a job that deals with the controversial topic of the times-human relations with a simple kind of philosophy and dedication that could really shake up the present exponents of "protest and demonstration" techniques.