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European girls think they can drink more than me, then they throw up afterwards. On the other hand, there is a big difference in mentality; if I want to have a relationship, I probably won’t choose a Chinese girl because there is nothing to talk about; their horizons are just not very broad.

Is it easy for a foreign guy to pick up a Chinese girl?

There is something naïve about the girl in this story; in the west we are far too wary of catfish to go off alone to meet a strange man in a dingy bar at midnight. So you’ve been in China for 2 years now; do you prefer western girls or Asian girls?

So is this naivety part of what gives Chinese girls their charm? Compared to western girls, Asian girls are a lot more feminine and cute.

Before a night out, he used his (brand new) We Chat account to find ‘people nearby’, and discovered a girl staying in the same apartment building.

L: My ideal man is a good man, someone who treats me well and follows his dreams. Would you consider settling down with a western guy? You still have to be handsome and smart to snag one of these girls in a real life situation, although I guess the exact criteria vary across the board, as with any demographic. If its just a casual hook-up you’re after, use an app.

Don’t take it for granted that girls in the ‘real world’ will be throwing themselves at you.

Trova l'argomento che ti interessa e manda un messaggio contenente SOLO la keyword corrispondente.

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In un attimo riceverai tutti gli aggiornamenti direttamente sul tuo schermo.Everyone is different, with different techniques for meeting people, how they go about showing they're interested and what they prefer.It seems like western men have one view of how Chinese girls are and what they like and Chinese girls have their own idea about what would work to get them to like a western guy.There are many foreigners that come here, and for the first half a year they just go for any kind of girl – average looking - because the beautiful ones would never go for a foreigner, they want a rich Chinese guy who can give them the things a foreigner could never offer to them (beautiful car, money, security, etc).