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The referee, an obese young man, stepped into the ring after a nod from the owner of the garage. They snapped at each other’s ears and sought purchase in the area of the neck. White went into the ring and grabbed Trooper’s hind legs, pulling back. Diesel relaxed his jaws, releasing Trooper to his man. “I need to fix him up some,” said White, not looking into his friends’ eyes. “Let’s go.” A COUPLE of blocks away, near Fort Slocum Park, Potter pulled the Chevy into an alley where there seemed to be no activity. “Let’s just take him to the vet place.” “He already bleedin’ all over the backseat.

“Gimme some of that hydro, Dirty.” Dirty was Little’s street name, so given because of his fondness for discussing women’s privates. White scratched the top of Trooper’s head, bent in, and uttered random words into his ear with a soothing tone. “Cornermen out of the pit.” White moved behind his dog into the space of the open gate, still holding Trooper back. They did this, and quickly the referee said, “Let go! Both of them got up on their hind legs, attacking the head of the other with their jaws. “Dog’s personality only as strong as the man who owns it.” White arrived with Trooper, back on his leash. Ive never ever been so disrespected in my life, and now my friend is gonna try and date her... Once i have a little emotion for the hb it goes all down hill. She called me recently, i said i didnt want to talk, and hung up. On top of that her angry boyfriend wants to destroy you and her father is on the hunt after you. Especially belligerenty drunk ones that are acting like a loose cannon. He wore his hair braided in cornrows and kept a careless, weedy thatch of hair on his chin. “I said, is that dumb animal gonna win us some money today? Trooper’s mouth opened in pleasure and his eyes shifted over to his master’s. It just hit me funny, is all.” Little took the blunt that White handed to him over the front seat and stared at it stupidly. The older man followed Potter into the daylight, not too fast but without protest. ” “Some do.” “Lorenze called you that when we sold him that hydro a few weeks back. I live up on Warder Street my own self, so you don’t need to be drawin’ me a map.” “It ain’t too far from there, is all I was sayin’.” Potter’s eyes softened. Didn’t look to Diggs that Potter was the type to forget. Most folks he knew didn’t credit him for being so strong. He noticed that his hand was shaking some as he fired up his cigarette.

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Both wore carpenter jeans and button-down, short-sleeve plaid Nautica shirts over wife-beater Ts. “I ain’t lyin’, boy, this chronic right here just laid my ass out.” THE dogfights were held in a large garage backing to an alley behind a house on Ogelthorpe, in Manor Park in Northwest. Don’t mean we run together or nothin’ like that.” But now the smoker recognized Potter and he lost his will to keep his pride. Potter led him around the garage’s outer wall, which faced the neighboring yards to the west. BACK in the garage, Potter sidled up next to Little. Let me give you the best case scenario: She sleeps with some other loser and regrets it next morning. Now let me give you the worst case scenario: She sleeps with you, next morning wakes up and calls the police telling them you've raped her. i told her couple of times to stop disrespecting me, and then leaves and goes into a migdets bed, after she hooks up with me!?!?!?!?! NEW Black Jack: 21 reasons you ll never get laid Social skills & pick up | Savoir Vivre | 1st FR: On the path of the Seducer | Question Game Version 2.0 | HB10s: The reality | Facebook Game | Seducers, The final destination | Abundance mentality gone wrong | My way of Laying 9s and 10s | Always close the deal | Aggressive sexual kino | Flakes, flakes, flakes | Intuition and Calibration | Money and Pick Up Artists | Stop Overqualification | Valentine's Day Noblesse Oblige Sooooooooooooooo many things can go wrong here. Dude the key is not to have no emotions but to keep control of them. i just got home, had a friend pick me up at 4am from a friends house.