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"The video ends after she slaps my phone out of my hand, shattering it, but the confrontation continued with escalating racism and threats of violence primarily against Joey, the black woman next to me and myself." "It became quickly apparent that her issue was with Joey and my appearance as we are ethnically Puerto Rican and Indian, respectively," Sastry added. " Though the group ultimately decided to move away from the woman, their attempt at de-escalating the situation failed as she continued to follow them. "I'll have you arrested so f**king quick, I have my papers on me b*tch." "Do you want a f**king response out me motherf**ker with your…In the video the woman can be heard repeatedly asking members of the group where they're from and informing them that "you're not white." "Where are you from? what are you f**king Saudi n***a," she yells out before she clarified to the group that she said "n***a" and not "n***er." The footage abruptly cuts off after the woman smacks Sastry's phone to the ground.

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The animal's habitat includes eastern India, the Southeast Asia countries, Papua New Guinea and northern Australia.

You're not white," the *possibly intoxicated* woman says. Sastry later wrote in his Facebook post that this was the second time he was "accosted by white Americans claiming this country is theirs." "Both these incidents occurred in the ‘sanctuary cities' of Boston and Seattle," Sastry wrote.

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