Little intimidating

05-Nov-2018 02:35

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Even though you may secretly be horrified by eye contact, try not to make a habit of glancing away.

"As far as body language, it's important to look the person in the eye and stand tall," says Winters.

"I believe [that speaking your truth] will build your confidence and allow you to be a happier person." And, to top it off, it can help address potential problems head-on so those around you know you won't settle for less than what you are asking for.

By using a few simple tricks, like the ones listed below, you can easily feel better about speaking up on your behalf.

"Standing up for yourself allows you to address the situation in the moment (or shortly after) it happens, and then move on with your life," coach Ashley Bradley tells Bustle.When these Japanese anime voice actors[actresses] come to an US anime convention, do they take a translator with them?I'd imagine it'd be pretty scary coming to a country you've (probably) never been before, without even knowing how to speak the language. Is he/she just doing it because he's/she's told to by his/her agency or does he/she express interest in going?The West Coast of the US can seem much easier to travel to (it's the difference between a 10 hour flight and a 16 hour flight, and 3 extra hours of jet lag -- which is a lot to ask when you'll literally only be in town for a weekend).

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