Intimidating names for cars

13-Mar-2019 12:09

The Lamborghini Murcielago was similarly fearsome – nearly as wide as a bus, just as difficult to reverse and terrifyingly fast.

A proper old-school supercar for the new millennium.

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The latest in the line of V12 Lamborghinis is named after a successful fighting bull from the early 1990s.The short name, applied to the fiercest and most powerful bulls, was just what Ferruccio needed to describe his engineers’ ground-breaking creation.The mid-engined Miura redefined the concept of a sports car with its transverse-mounted V12, 170mph-plus top speed and lithe, Ford GT40 influenced styling.Whatever the chosen moniker will be, there’s a strong chance it will continue Lamborghini’s slightly grisly tradition of naming its cars after famous fighting bulls.

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Here’s a potted history of Lambo’s beefy naming convention.

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s visit to Don Eduardo Miura’s cattle ranch in Sevilla in 1962 clearly made a big impression on the company founder.

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