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15-May-2019 14:41

To make matters worse, if she DOES fall head over heels for you in one evening, and then finds out she really doesn’t know you, she will feel manipulated and perhaps think you did something consciously evil to her just for fun.

Then talk about what you had for dinner, and talk about the meal itself, rather than how you felt about it.You talk to her by the bar, take her to a private table, take her to another bar, and then take her somewhere to get a bite to eat. But she’s going to have a “feeling” of having been on several dates with you, so by the time you get to the last bite to eat, she’ll have felt like she’s known you for a long time, which will make it much easier for you to escalate.The other common example is to intersperse your “seduction talk” with what’s commonly referred to as “fluff talk.” What is seduction talk?Like you might talk about a good friend who fell in love, and you’re describing how she described it to you.

The girl you are talking to will follow along, and as humans nearly always do when listening to stories, she’ll place herself in the center, imagining that it’s happening to her.Then every time you get back to your “friend” she’ll automatically go deeper into following along and imagining what it’s like to fall in love.A good way to think about this is to always alternate between talking about “emotions” and talking about “things.” The good news is that every time you go back to talking about “emotions,” they don’t need to be the same ones.Fractionation is a powerful tool from hypnosis that was discovered accidentally.