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Neutron radiography was possible, allowing high resolution imaging of dense materials.Nuclear engineers often used the reactor for neutron activation analysis, a science capable of measuring trace amounts of materials.The Department of Energy fabricated, transported, and disposed of the fuel at no cost to the University.The reactor had a peak thermal flux of 3 x 10 n/cm²s. It was constructed by Babcock & Wilcox under a subcontract with Leeds & Northrup.

Several other departments, such as the Chemistry department, said that they had not used the reactor in 30 years and did not plan to in the future.It was also used for a wide variety of other nuclear research.Image: Phoenix_fnr_pool_arial2.jpg|The reactor pool Image: Phoenix_hydrocarbon_cracking.jpg|A hydrocarbon cracking experiment Image: Phoenix_carbon_dating.jpg|Carbon dating Image: Phoenix_thyroid_check.jpg|Thyroid diagnostics Image: Phoenix_food_irradiation.jpg|Food irradiation research Image: Phoenix_rats.jpg|Food preservation research Image: Phoenix_storage.jpg|Hot storage Image: Phoenix_lighting_a_cigarette.jpg|Manipulator practice The reactor was used to produce several isotopes.The decommissioned FNR building still stands on North Campus at the University of Michigan.