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Betty could tell just from that; that they were hiding something and her asumption was right. I won't tell a soul." Betty finished."Uh Betty, what gives you the idea that me and Cindy have something going on? She just finished painting her nails pink around 10 minutes ago and she pulled out a pink dress with a light pink boe wrapped around it."I think they're dating." She told Nick."I think they're on to us." Cindy whispered to Jimmy. " He asked trying not to sound so nervous."I saw you guys walk here together holding hands." She admitted with a big smile. It was similar to the dress she wore for her date with Jimmy at the Candy Bar. After that; she put on her lipstick and make up that she used to try and get Jimmy's attention when they were at mars.She nodded."I was wondering if we could, you know; go together." He said."Of course! "I was just gonna ask you the same thing." As she hugged him; she caught a glimpse of Jimmy and Cindy at a bench. She wondered if the whole argument at the arcade was just a facade and maybe they were even secretly dating! You two should totally think of going together; unless things would be awkward. " He asked and at the same time she said; "Me and Neutron? " She asked making sure he knew not to say anything about this. Betty leaned down to whisper something in Cindy's ears. But he made his word clear when he called her as soon as she got home.

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He sighed as he looked out the window and watched the clouds. Why couldn't she just come out with her feelings and be happy with him already? It was also around the same time that Cindy was just starting to become aware of her feelings for Jimmy and it scared her because she thought she was supposed to hate him. Cindy remembered when she first met Jimmy and they instantly became rivals. She had been the smartest kid in retrovile until he showed up and stole her title. I am very impressed with your article about science and it was pretty accurate. She had a threating look in her eyes as she stared at him. They would constantly argue and yell at each other."So I was thinking that we could go to the arcade tomorrow or we could go to this cool science museum that just opened." Jimmy suggested. "Maybe we could gaze at the stars through my new telescope." He told her."And I could point at all the constellations." She replied. Kids were on the playground, playing in the sand and running around while their parents watched from the benches reading their newspapers. Inside that fence were skating ramps and several kids were in there; skating. They couldn't let him see them together or they'd be in trouble. Cindy elbowed him in the ribs, hard."Ow, I was only kidding! She immediately covered his mouth and hissed; "Do you want him to hear us and know we're here? They had a great time and Betty and Nick taught them some new cool moves as they skated on the ramps. What if she turned him down and told him she didn't like him that way anymore? They shared a quick kiss and left the petting zoo; hand in hand.A father was playing frisbee with his daughter and her mother was petting a golden retriever. "Oh Neptune's." Jimmy cried out causing Cindy to become concerned. "He shook his head."Now come on." She took his hand and they went inside. Soon it was almost 5."Uh, we should get going now Jimmy." Cindy told him. "You know, maybe we could go to the arcade tomorrow."You were even smiling at each other and the fact that you both awkwardly scooted away when you saw us; gives it away.""Uh-" He and Cindy began to stutter nervously and chuckled. She found her pair of white holes with fake pink roses on them. She put on light pink eye shadow and sprayed herself with that perfume she used when Jimmy was looking through the telescope.