Consolidating business operations

14-Jan-2019 16:58

To accomplish this mission, the Program Contract Management Branch performs the following: TOP Operations Performance Management Services Group (OPMS) provides services and support within Business Operations, Federal Student Aid and the Department of Education related to the performance of the Title IV portfolio.

OPMS monitors and oversees the management of the Title IV portfolio performance.

To accomplish its mission, the Default Division performs the following: TOP The Grants and Campus Based Division is responsible for providing program management oversight of Title IV Grants, LEAP/SLEAP, and Campus Based coordination functions.

To accomplish this mission, the Training and Information Services Branch provides the following services: TOP The Internal/External Communications Branch is responsible for the administration of Title IV program communications and innovative approaches to delivering Title IV program services.

To accomplish this mission, the Training and Information Services Branch provides the following services: The Division is responsible for Call Center Oversight, Treasury Offset Hearings & Interagency Appeals, Administrative Wage Garnishment Hearings and for ensuring the customer is provided quality service and due diligence by answering inquiries, resolving disputes and protecting the customer’s rights and entitlements under the law and advising them of their options.

To accomplish its mission, the Funds Management Division performs Funds Control and Program and School Reconciliation functions.

TOP The Contract Oversight Division is responsible for managing and administering Business Operations proposed, existing and expiring contracts, computer matching agreements, interagency agreements and related financial responsibilities.Those functional responsibilities are as follows: The Processing Division is responsible for Private Collection Agency (PCA) Monitoring, Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG) Compliance, Loan Exchange and Operations Entitlement Management, Litigation Support and Administrative Debt Resolution and management of the skip tracing process.To accomplish its mission, the Processing Division is organized into the following two branches: TOP The Program Communications Division has primary responsibility for providing best in business operations communications services to participants through Training and Information Services, Special Initiatives, and Internal/External Communications (Quality Assurance & Experimental Sites).To accomplish this mission, the Program Communications Division is divided into the following three Branches: The Training and Information Services Branch is responsible for designing, developing, and delivering high quality learning products, publications and web products targeted to Federal Student Aid’s school partners, and, as appropriate, Department of Education and operating staff.

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